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Ones To Watch

Ones to Watch: The Wind & The Wave, 'From the Wreckage'

by Stephanie Benson

Ones to Watch: The Wind & The Wave, 'From the Wreckage'

About This Album

We here at Napster are always on the hunt for exciting, innovative new musicians. So we reinstated our Ones to Watch series, where we focus on one emerging artist for an entire month, and provide you with exclusive content from the promising up-and-comer. We've chosen Austin-based duo The Wind and The Wave as our featured artist for the month of August. Listen to their brand-new debut album, From the Wreckage, and read our indie editor Dan Weiss' thoughts on the album, below:

This jovial indie-folk duo isn't slow -- not one bit. They speed up The Lumineers and fun.'s massive arena sonics to a bluegrass clap-clappy pace, as the brassy Patricia Lynn howls "You fools will die alone!" over banjos and stomping kick drums that make noise mightily. Her wordy, almost rappy delivery gives her the chatterbox edge of Charlie Daniels while meeting the indie mainstream in the middle with such titles as "The Heart It Beats the Thunder Rolls." And when they finally do slow it down, it's for Lynn to lament that she misses smoking pot.

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