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New U.K. Pop Chart Hits

by Jason Gubbels

New U.K. Pop Chart Hits

About this playlist

Our good friends across the pond listen to enough North American pop to fill the British charts with plenty of Yankee ebullience, but even a quick glance at the U.K. Top 40 Singles Chart reveals an abundance of artists specific to Great Britain. Sure, Brit music fans love Pharrell Williams as much as anybody ("Happy" has been bouncing around the U.K. charts for close to 30 weeks), but they also fancy Glaswegian alt poppers Twin Atlantic enough to propel their scrappy new single "Heart and Soul" into the Top 20 in its first week of release, and have awarded several successful chart appearances to Nigerian Afropop songwriter D'Banj ("Bother You" picks up right where 2012's "Oliver Twist" delightfully left off).

Our U.K. Pop playlist includes those D'Banj and Twin Atlantic numbers, along with a smattering of other performers who've recently moved units all across the British Isles -- from stateside favorites Coldplay to Brit-centric hits like Joe Weller's new World Cup song (titled, rather straightforwardly, "World Cup Song"). So if you're unfamiliar with Zedd, The Vamps or Little Mix, here's your chance to sample the music London's been swinging to so far this year.

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