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New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2014

by Chuck Eddy

New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2014

About this playlist

Since kicking off way back in 1999, the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival at The Palladium in Worcester, Mass., has established itself as one of the most visible, vicious and venerable annual gatherings of its kind on U.S. soil. This year's, Roman-numeraled XVI, takes place April 17 to April 19 and features approximately 66 (if not 66.6, ha ha) bands, 30 of which are represented on this playlist.

Big ticket items include Florida power-metal musclemen Iced Earth, Swedish power-metal history majors Sabaton, Polish Beelzebub worshippers Behemoth, South Carolina tech-death Egyptologists Nile, Seattle-via-Colombia black metal twosome Inquisition, and Queens-via-Connecticut deathcore bully-boys Emmure; other infamous names hail from locales as far-flung as Australia (Thy Art Is Murder), Tennessee (Whitechapel), New Orleans (Goatwhore), San Diego (Carnifex), and Eminem's battleground, Warren, Mich. (Battlecross). But what's most popular at NEMHF are hometown teams: The Acacia Strain, All That Remains, Colin of Arabia, Ramallah, Within the Ruins and old-time hockey hardcore standard-bearers Slapshot all originate from Massachusetts itself. Which is great -- saves them gas money! -- but not even Colin of Arabia have a name as entertaining as Julius Seizure (who come from New Jersey).

The most confusing name on the bill: Texas in July, who come from, uh, Lancaster County, Penn. (Amish country!), though in keeping with their Texas theme they do a song called "It's Not My First Rodeo," which might be the most intriguing title in this mix, unless Jersey guys Fit for an Autopsy's "Children of the Corn Syrup" is. The rest of the titles -- and music to go with them -- are just plain brutal, as they say. Whether you attend NEMHF XVI or not, the HM and HC alike here will surely enable tearing up the place. Hope your furniture is glued down!

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