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MTV's 2012 Video Music Awards Nominees

by Rachel Devitt

MTV's 2012 Video Music Awards Nominees


About this playlist

Everyone knows the main reason to watch MTV's Video Music Awards these days is so you can tweet about the crazy stuff some star or another just pulled before it reaches meme status the next day, right? But while Lady Gaga's drag show or Pink's trapeze act or, admit it, Kanye's drama queenery are always highlights, the most important thing is the music, not the drama, right?

OK, maybe that's not exactly MTV's business model anymore. But the VMAs know what they're doing with their 2012 nominees (the show airs Thursday, September 6), assembling a laundry list of the past year's buzziest videos, biggest stars and hottest songs, from Carly Rae Jepsen to, yes, Kanye, from Avicii to just about everything Katy, Beyoncé and Riri put out this year. Get in the mood for some serious drama with our 2012 VMAs playlist, featuring nominees for Best New Artist, Most Share-Worthy Video, Best Electronic Music Video, Best Video with a Message and more!

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