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About this playlist

Metalheads like movies -- scary ones, action-packed ones, funny ones with pretty girls -- and moviemakers like metal! Or at least that's the assumption one draws from this playlist's selections of metal songs found on, and in many cases exclusive to, movie soundtracks.

Just look at what's here: four from the 1981 fantasy flick Heavy Metal (Sammy Hagar, Riggs -- whoever they were, French band Trust, Nazareth); four from 2005's theoretically frightening Saw II (Helmet, Mastodon, Meshuggah, Lamb of God.) All three songs from 1999's Detroit Rock City are covers (The Donnas doing KISS, Pantera doing Ted Nugent, Marilyn Manson doing AC/DC), but none of the three each from 1999's The Matrix or 1993's Last Action Hero (Megadeth, Anthrax, Tesla) are. Nineteen ninety-four's Clerks (Stabbing Westward, Corrosion of Conformity), 1993's rap-metal-showcasing Judgment Night (Therapy?, Biohazard), and 1992's Wayne's World get two each.

Which leaves Rob Zombie doing the title theme from some alleged 2008 "comic book action film" called [Punisher: War Zone], and an obligatory pick from 1984's This Is Spinal Tap. "Sex Farm" seemed a classy choice, out of several possible -- all of which make headbanging film buffs bow down.

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