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Friday Mixtape

Movie Montage Mania

by Garrett Kamps

Movie Montage Mania

About this playlist

The musical movie montage wasn't invented in the '80s -- and not all these songs originated in that decade -- but it may have been perfected back then. I mean, the shirtless sweaty volleyball montage in Top Gun set to Kenny Loggins? The triumphant let's-fix-up-an-entire-house-in-a-few-days montage from Revenge of the Nerds ("One Foot in Front of the Other")? The amazing kick-a-dozen-asses-in-a-row montage from Karate Kid ("You're the Best")? I dunno about you, but these sequences have stuck with me forever. To this day, whenever I'm doing chores around the house or kicking dudes' asses, those masterworks are running through my head. When I cruise the streets dressed to the nines, "Stayin' Alive" is my default soundtrack. When I'm wearing leg-warmers practicing my dance moves, it's "Maniac." And of course, when I'm shouldering logs up snowy embankments and doing sit-ups in a barn while my opponent shoots 'roids in a Russian super-gym, I'm blasting the crap out of John Cafferty's "Hearts on Fire." Chances are you are exactly like me in this regard, and thus you will thoroughly enjoy this playlist.