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Artist Spotlight

Monster Magnet Space Out

by Chuck Eddy

Monster Magnet Space Out

About this playlist

In the nearly quarter-century since they first skyrocketed out of the swamps of Jersey, Monster Magnet have staked their claim as a space-metal band at least as much as a stoner-rock band — or maybe they've just liked stoning their way into the heavens. You figure it out. Either way, it's about time all their most astronomical songs were collected on one launch pad.

The countdown kicks off with their biggest rock hits, 1998's "Space Lord" and 1994's "Negasonic Teenage Warhead" (the latter of which may or may not actually be about space travel though it sure sounds science-fictional). Then it blasts off through 23 more orbs, asteroids and zodiac signs -- including a few from their very space-trucking new Last Patrol, and covers of outer-limits oldies by Hawkwind ("Brainstorm," ["Silver Future"]); Hawkwind dude Robert Calvert (["The Right Stuff"]); Pink Floyd dude David Gilmour (["There's No Way Out Of Here"]); and the Rolling Stones ("2000 Light Years From Home"). The playlist finally touches down in a distant galaxy where the band's early EP track "Tab" from 1991 drones unto infinity for 32 minutes. So fasten your space belt -- whether you make it back alive only time will tell.

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