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Friday Mixtape

Mojito Madness: Refreshing Songs for Your Summer BBQ

by Linda Ryan

Mojito Madness: Refreshing Songs for Your Summer BBQ

About this playlist

What is it about warm weather that makes us feel so content? To paraphrase John Denver, why does sunshine on our shoulders make us happy? The power of sunlight to rejuvenate the body and mind has been taken for granted for centuries; there's a reason we choose to go to sunny places to "recharge our batteries." A sixth sense? A natural instinct? Possibly. But did you know that science has revealed evidence of a correlation between sunshine and feeling good? That's an invitation to bask in the sun if we've ever heard one! So what are you waiting for? Slather on the SPF and fire up the grill! You bring the people and the BBQ, we'll provide the party music: refreshing songs with a tropical flair that go hand-in-hand with sunshine and happiness. And while Frisbees and icy mojitos are optional, both are highly recommended.