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Modern Roller Skating Jams

by Nick Murray

Modern Roller Skating Jams

About this playlist

Skaters in New York might be able to name more closed rinks than open ones -- Brooklyn's Empire Roller Skating Center, the Bronx's Skate Key, and the Roxy downtown, all shuttered -- but these days, roller skating in the five boroughs still thrives at weekly parties thrown by organizations like the recently New York Times-profiled Crazy Legs Skate Club and the warm weather-only Central Park Skaters Club. Here, experienced skaters and first-timers alike move to a generation-crossing soundtrack, with DJs like Big Bob and RC LaRock playing everything from disco and house hits to '90s R&B slow jams. In the attached playlist we've compiled ten tracks released in the last year or two that have proven to be as reliable as the old favorites.

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