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Modern Pop Anthems

by Rachel Devitt

Modern Pop Anthems

About this playlist

You know those songs that just hit you right in the gut and the heart with the kind of fist-pumping, foot-stomping, inspirational, motivational get-up-and-go that makes you want to get, like, an arena full of people together and sing along in unison like some vast, world-changing, pop-music-drunk army? Those songs are what we're calling pop anthems, and today's charts are jam-packed full of 'em. We're not sure what's behind this culturally: Are we on the verge of a '60s-esque revolutionary moment? Are we as a people feeling particularly ... unified lately? Or did a bunch of pop stars just decide we all needed to come together and light a big fire under our behinds? Whatever the reason, everyone from fun. to Macklemore to 2 Chainz has been churning out the sing-along-able, march-along-able anthems lately. Get your fist ready to pump to our playlist full of them.

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