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MLB Playoffs 2012: At-Bat Music for the Yankees, Tigers, Cardinals and Giants

by Mike McGuirk

MLB Playoffs 2012: At-Bat Music for the Yankees, Tigers, Cardinals and Giants

About this playlist

The 2012 Major League Baseball playoffs were shaping up to have the best hair ever, if Coco Crisp hadn't cut his Afro ... and if the Oakland A's hadn't just been eliminated by the Detroit Tigers. So far we've also been deprived of one of the league's worst chants (because neither "Baltimore" nor "Orioles" exactly rolls off the tongue, fans of those orange birds were forced to attempt the syllabically challenged, way-too-short "Let's go O's!"), the possibility of a Hollywood-worthy shock Game 7 appearance by the Washington Nationals' Fabergé egg-like pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg, and the sheer delight of watching the Cincinnati Reds' Cuban flamethrower Aroldis Chapman singeing sluggers' eyebrows off with 100+-mph heaters. But no, instead we've got the Tigers, the New York Yankees, the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants as a final four.

Not that that's a bad thing -- hell no. There's still plenty of drama to go around, between St. Louis' penchant for stunning 9th inning comebacks (almost always capped off by a kid who grew up a die-hard Cardinals fan) and the same never-say-die attitude on the Giants' side. Those two teams might have a 25-inning game in them. Plus, the Giants have "Buster," "Baby Giraffe" and "Kung Fu Panda," and long-haired pitcher Tim Lincecum's Bugs Bunny delivery is always a joy to watch. Most importantly, he's striking fools out again, an excellent development.

In the American League, the Tigers boast both the manliest pitcher (Justin Verlander throws harder -- we're talking 100 mph -- in the 8th and 9th innings than in the 2nd) and the manliest manager. (Jim Leyland has a mustache and he smokes! Just like the president!) Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera started last year with a DUI; this year, he won the Triple Crown, something that hasn't happened since Carl Yastrzemski did it in 1967. These guys are going up against the New York Yankees, who may not be as fearsome as they've been in the past, but they're still the Yankees. You never know.

As you can see, we're pretty excited about the playoffs. In fact, Buzzfeed has graced us all with the semi-official lists of songs each player on each team has playing over the PA as they approach the plate -- their "at-bat music," as it were. Not only did this give us an excuse to write about baseball, but also the playlists give a good idea of just how much ballplayers these days like Rick Ross and Drake. See the link for the player-by-player breakdown; here are the resulting playlists for each team. Enjoy.

St. Louis Cardinals At-Bat Music 2012

San Francisco Giants At-Bat Music 2012

Detroit Tigers At-Bat Music 2012

New York Yankees At-Bat Music 2012