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Artist Spotlight

Mike Doughty Comes Full Circle

by Dan Weiss

Mike Doughty Comes Full Circle


About this playlist

After a much-publicized, acrimonious split from the novel, beat-wise, satirical alt beatnik collective Soul Coughing, Mike Doughty hit the road and sold burned CD-Rs of his label-rejected acoustic solo album Skittish. He sold five digits of them, in fact, which wasn't lost on ATO Records founder Dave Matthews, or Semisonic frontman-turned-Adele and Dixie Chicks hitmaker Dan Wilson. With a leg up from those guys and a devoted fan base, Doughty has had a fairly successful solo career. Both sides of his career have yielded a distinct bounty of quirky highlights, ranging from the pure trance of his BT collaboration "Never Gonna Come Back Down" to Dadaist tantrums like "Casiotone Nation" and "Super Bon Bon" to more beauty-focused solo stuff like "Laundrytown" and "Like a Luminous Girl."

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