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Mike Birbiglia's Mixtape

by Linda Ryan

Mike Birbiglia's Mixtape

About this playlist

Award-winning stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia looks at relationships differently than the rest of us. On his second album, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, Birbiglia regales us with hilarious stories about dating, why he doesn't believe in marriage and the background to his relationship with his wife, Jenny. To celebrate the album's release, we asked Birbiglia to make a playlist for Napster, and he came through in spades. The comedian's mix contains a few classic rock nuggets from Dylan and Springsteen, a sprinkling of alt rock from Belle and Sebastian and Death Cab for Cutie, and a whole lot more. In between the hits are comedic gems from the likes of Mitch Hedberg and Bill Cosby to lighten things up. Of the mix Mike says, "When my wife was my girlfriend, she used to make me mixes. We both like to mix comedy tracks with music tracks. And we hope you do too. So here are some of ours."

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