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Artist Spotlight

Marc Ribot's Hottest Guitar Leads

by Seth Colter Walls

Marc Ribot's Hottest Guitar Leads


How many session players could play the right kind of guitar for Tom Waits as well as for Alison Krauss' duo act with Robert Plant? Just one. Now: How many jazz musicians could do New Orleans blues just as proud as Albert Ayler's free jazz? Also only one dude. And how many bandleaders would you expect to have as much success leading post-punk outfits as with Cuban-flavored ensembles? Only a musician with a singular technique would make this possible.

The one guy in all these cases is guitarist Marc Ribot -- the most versatile guitar player of his (or anyone's) generation. The same guy who plays those spiky phrases on "Way Down in the Hole" (immortalized on the first season of The Wire) also happens to have a crackerjack post-punk band, Ceramic Dog, which has just released a fantastic burner of an album, Your Turn. Now it's our turn to check out some of Ribot's best solos and lead-guitar parts from the past decade. From The Black Keys to Allen Ginsberg (really), Ribot is the man to call for, well, just about everybody. (And do not miss Ribot's unaccompanied take on "Happiness Is a Warm Gun.") Grooving old-school rock n' roll, experimental jams and jazzy excursions are all in the appended playlist.