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Mama Raps

by Mosi Reeves

Mama Raps

About this playlist

Rappers may have a decidedly mixed record when it comes to the treatment of women. But give them credit: They usually love and honor the women who raised them. There are dozens of "mama raps" in the database, from Jay-Z's "Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)" -- which is really a short biography of his life -- Nas' "Dance" tribute to his then recently deceased mother, and Kanye West's "Hey Mama" to LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" and Future's "My Momma (Ain't Raised No Hoe)." Even Eminem came correct with "Headlights" and apologized to his mother after publicly humiliating her for years.

Of course, no Mother's Day tribute would be complete without 2Pac's "Dear Mama," which is the mother of all mama raps. And let's keep the mood light with a few "Ya Mama" jokes courtesy of The Pharcyde. This is hip-hop, so we encourage irreverence, but not disobedience. As Ghostface Killah said, we remember what it's like to "Whip You with a Strap."

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