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Low Ridin' Funk

by Mosi Reeves

Low Ridin' Funk

About this playlist

If you are of a certain age — don't worry, you don't have to tell us — and grew up in California, then you may remember the time when lowriders roamed the urban streets, blasting chunky bass out of their massive stereo speakers. And in the early '80s, just before the likes of Rodney O & DJ Cooley and Too Short became the soundtrack of choice for West Coast car freaks, the sounds pouring out of these would-be mobile discos was "Atomic Dog" funk. Noise pollution meant nothing to the players rattling nearby apartment windows with the sounds of Zapp, Mtume, Midnight Star, The Gap Band, The S.O.S. Band and other synthesized delights. It was annoying: I like Prince as much as the next person, but I got pretty sick of hearing "Erotic City" several times a day, and always cranked up to 11. Now, with those years thankfully past, they're just pleasant memories.

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