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Lollapalooza 1997 Revisited

by Dan Weiss

Lollapalooza 1997 Revisited


About this playlist

With the macabre trifecta of Korn, Snoop Dogg and Tool headlining, many considered Lollapalooza D.O.A. in 1997, which did turn out to be the final tour of the original run. But in retrospect, the tour could've kept evolving with the landscape if they wanted to. With three acts containing the syllable "orb" in their name, this was the electronic year, honoring pioneers like The Orb and Orbital as well as The Prodigy, who were riding a string of smash hits both stateside and in Europe, one of which ("Firestarter") sampled former main-stage vets The Breeders. That's gotta symbolize something, right? Beck and Eels sliced and diced Dust Brothers-style samples for Dadaist social commentary while Old 97's thrashed out the loudest country rock yet to be heard on an alternative stage. The original festival run ended in as many loose directions as it started.

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