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Lollapalooza 1992 Revisited

by Dan Weiss

Lollapalooza 1992 Revisited


About this playlist

The Lollapalooza tour hit its stride in its second year, with heavyweights like Red Hot Chili Peppers (at their "Give It Away"-"Under the Bridge"-Simpsons-Weird Al-ready peak in nothing but socks), Soundgarden (who'd only yet bestowed "Big Dumb Sex" and "Rusty Cage" upon the world at this time) and Pearl Jam (ditto "Even Flow" and "Jeremy") on the main stage. Future stars like Cypress Hill (in the era of "How I Could Just Kill a Man"), Rage Against the Machine (who'd just dropped "Killing in the Name") and Stone Temple Pilots (already splitting the alternative crowd into two polarized camps with the controversial "Sex Type Thing" and the Vedder-esque "Plush") were only on the second stage at this time (with The Jesus and Mary Chain circa "Rollercoaster" as a headliner!), as well as some intriguing yet now-forgotten acts like Arson Garden (check out "Lash").

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