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LL Cool J vs. the World

by Mosi Reeves

LL Cool J vs. the World

About this playlist

Few rappers have elicited more hate and envy than LL Cool J. The negative response to his "Accidental Racist" collabo with Brad Paisley ain't nothing new for the G.O.A.T. Perhaps it's because he was a platinum-selling superstar at the age of 17, leading rivals to complain he didn't pay his dues. Perhaps it was for making the first rap ballad with "I Need Love," fueling complaints that he was a sellout who just wanted to please the ladies. Or maybe it's due to his arrogance … then again, what successful emcee isn't overly confident?

Regardless, Ladies Love Cool James has drawn barbs since fellow Queens pioneer MC Shan claimed on "Beat Biter" that LL stole the beat for "Rock the Bells" from Shan's "Marley Marl Scratch." He's been dissed countless times. Some of them are well known, like Ice-T's "I'm Your Pusher" and Kool Moe Dee's "How Ya Like Me Now," and others are hopelessly obscure, like when Miami bass rapper Tony Rock mocked LL's "I'm That Type of Guy" with "I'm That Type of N*gga." Warren G even took a shot when he rapped, "You f*cking rookies/ Sweet as Mr. Smith's cookie" on "What We Go Through."

Some rap fans may argue that Canibus won his own battle with LL on "Second Round K.O.," and Kool Moe Dee dropped some underrated verses on "Death Blow." But no one can dispute that LL held his own against them all, and with classic cuts like "Jack the Ripper" and "To Da Break of Dawn," he brings the pain better than he receives it. The sheer length of this playlist -- over two hours of back and forth between LL and his critics -- is a testament to that.

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