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Linkin Park: Collaborations, Cameos & Remixes

Linkin Park: Collaborations, Cameos & Remixes


Over the last decade, Linkin Park have explored a multitude of collaborative affairs. In addition to releasing a pair of cameo-laced remix collections, the recently dropped Recharged and 2002's Reanimation, they struck platinum with Collision Course, the 2004 EP of mash-ups co-starring the one and only Jay-Z. Almost as successful was the 2008 hit single "We Made It" with wild man Busta Rhymes.

Also worth nothing are the myriad side projects that the boys in Linkin Park maintain. The most recent development is Chester Bennington's newfound status as Stone Temple Pilots' vocalist. (Don't worry folks; he hasn't ditched Linkin Park!) This produced the brand-new EP High Rise. Bennington also fronts Dead By Sunrise (though as of 2011 the outfit is on official hiatus). Meanwhile, Linkin Park's other lead singer (and rapper), Mike Shinoda, keeps mega-busy with his hip-hip group Fort Minor. Plus, he's racked up production and remix credits with a wide swath of artists, including Lupe Fiasco and Depeche Mode. Now how's that for variety?

Boasting cuts from each of the artists already mentioned (as well as many more), our Collaborations, Side Projects & Remixes playlist offers both the uninitiated and converted a deeper appreciation of Linkin Park and their many related endeavors.

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