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Single Phile

single-phile: Hot New Latin Pop Singles

by Rachel Devitt

single-phile: Hot New Latin Pop Singles

About this playlist

As a rule, our regular single-phile column is devoted to OK, obsessed with dissecting the latest and greatest in pop singles. And while our definition of pop is as varied as, well, the genre itself is, we do typically focus on English-language pop. But so many great Latin singles have dropped in the past few weeks that we had to remedy that language bias and give them some love.

Anyway, the line between Latin pop and English-language pop, once two fairly distinct worlds, is pretty fine these days. Established Latin pop stars have long been crossing over into the Top 40, and mainstream artists have started crossing over in the other direction, releasing Spanish-language versions of their hits or sometimes entire albums targeted at the Latin pop audience. Today's pop charts aren't so monolingual themselves: artists like Pitbull and Shakira have made careers out of forcing English speakers to sit up and listen to snippets of Spanish or entire Spanish tracks. And of course, aesthetically speaking, Latin rhythms, dances and styles form one of pop music's three intertwined DNA strands (the other two being African and European music).

But enough of the history lesson. Let's dive right into la musica!