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Label Spotlight

Label Spotlight: Young Adults

by Napster

Label Spotlight: Young Adults

About this playlist

Young Adults is a new label set up by Leeor Brown and David Fisher, who also run Los Angeles' Friends of Friends label; as you might have guessed, then, Y.A.'s roster represents an extended family of sorts. It's clustered around likeminded L.A. dance-music producers such as Shlohmo, Salva, Groundislava and LOL Boys, though it also hops borders both stylistic and geographical via Denmark's Tomas Barfod, he of WhoMadeWho and Filur, who makes sparkling electronic pop more in keeping with the European scene around labels like Kompakt.

Young Adults casts an even wider net: The label's new compilation, House Slippers, includes artists scattered all around the globe and tied to a number of similarly familial labels and local scenes. Permanent Vacation hail from Munich (and the label of the same name). Mark E, a producer known for his slow-motion beats, is from Birmingham, England. London's Chamboché has 12-inches out on nu-disco labels like Under the Shade and Black Key Records, while the Netherlands' Ben La Desh records for European deep-house labels like Moodmusic and Dirt Crew. NYCPARTYINFO, despite the name, are from L.A.; so is Suzanne Kraft (aka D. Herrera), who got his start on Germany's critically acclaimed Running Back label before becoming a core member of the Young Adults crew. His Horoscope EP was the label's first single-artist release, and he also contributed to its inaugural Young Adults compilation EP, alongside The Dead Rose Music Company, Urulu, Grown Folk and LOL Boys.

Regardless of where the music comes from, though, you can hear the influence of the Southern California climate on virtually everything released by Young Adults so far, whether it's the laid-back pace and luminous chords of Closed Paradise's "The Daulphin" and The Socialites' "Only This Moment (Sasha Anastasov Remix)" or the pool-party vibes of NYCPARTYINFO's "Mr. Everything" and Grown Folks' R&B-infused "Just Wear It." The name Young Adults is clearly apropos, given the way their records neatly balance sophisticated polish and after-hours abandon.

To introduce you to the crew, we've put together a Label Spotlight playlist tracking the recent history of the Young Adults roster. It includes the Young Adults EP in its entirety, along with selections from Suzanne Kraft's EP for the label (including a cracking remix from Beautiful Swimmers' Maxmillion Dunbar); The Socialites are represented with their related project, Satin Jackets, and there are further tracks culled from labels like Dirt Crew Recordings, Spectral Sound and Icee Hot. Enjoy.