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Label Spotlight

Label Spotlight: Crosstown Rebels

by Napster

Label Spotlight: Crosstown Rebels


Damian Lazarus' band of merry pranksters has a rep for fusing house music's spiritual vibe with a hefty dose of psychedelic mischief. In late 2012, to celebrate the turning of the Mayan calendar's epochal page, they threw a 24-hour party at a Mexican pyramid site; a more typical event might include strange costumes and spiked punch. Lazarus' Crosstown Rebels label has been around since 2003, when minimalist tech house ruled the roost. Lately, though, the Crosstown sound has been getting darker and weirder, with ominous basslines worming their way through humid atmospheres and claustrophobic dissonance. It is, above all, a sultry sound: dark, seductive, and a little bit dangerous. Explore the seedier side of deep house with our sampler of Crosstown's past 18 months, featuring Jamie Jones, Russ Yallop, Ali Love, Fur Coat, Art Department and their Rebel brethren.

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