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Kitchen Sink Global Pop

by Rachel Devitt

Kitchen Sink Global Pop

About this playlist

When we use the term "global pop," we're often referring to pop music styles and traditions from places, well, around the globe, whether it's Saharan desert rock, Brazilian sertanejo, K-pop or Gypsy punk. But some global pop outfits take the "global" part a bit more literally, building a diverse, wide-ranging sonic palette that spins various international musics into one whirlwind, globe-trotting, sound-trekking sound (or single tune!): Ozomatli, for instance, who just put out new album [Place in the Sun], blend up cumbia, funk, hip-hop, dub, son, regional Mexican and more, while Red Baraat intertwine bhangra, Bollywood, New Orleans brass, funk and dub (among others). And those are just a few examples from a playlist that spans from M.I.A. and The Very Best to vintage Cambodian pop and nu-cumbia.

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