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Kiddie Rap

by Rachel Devitt

Kiddie Rap

About this playlist

Forget all the formidable fast-talkers and blowhard ballers of adult hip-hop. Who needs rides and drank and honeys when you can have a sweet-cheeked, high-voiced pipsqueak hollering at you about schoolyard fights, cute kicks and all manners of bouncing and jumping around? Rappers may act all grown and serious sometimes, but hip-hop has a long history of putting kids in the spotlight -- at least for a minute. Ever since a 14-year-old Roxanne Shanté jumped on the mic to deliver a lightning-tongued response to U.T.F.O.'s "Roxanne, Roxanne," teens, tweens and the grammar school set have occasionally burst onto the scene. Who cares how old they are if they can spit fire?

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