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Josh Thompson's Desert Island Picks

by Linda Ryan

Josh Thompson's Desert Island Picks

About this playlist

Josh Thompson's brand of outlaw-laced, back-to-basics country has endeared him to many folks weary of the pop polish that passes for country music these days. Thompson, who was recently without a label, has continued to tour on his own, meeting and greeting true fans in the heartland of America.

Now, newly signed to Toby Keith's Show Dog label, the crooner has come roaring back with bona fide radio hit "Cold Beer with Your Name On It." The song, which reflects on a lost love who has moved to the West Coast, oozes small-town charm with lyrics like, "I'm sitting on a tailgate/ Middle of a stargaze/ Wishing you were in my arms/ I'm chilling right here, baby if you want/ I gotta cold beer with your name on it."

To celebrate Thompson's comeback, we asked him to curate a playlist for us. About the mix he says, "This is my 'Stranded on a Desert Island and Can Only Take 15 Songs With Me' playlist. All these songs had an impact on my life in one way or another. I have more than 15 favorite songs, but today these are the ones that I would miss if I couldn't hear them anymore."

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