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Artist Spotlight

Jimmy Eat World Through the Years

by Evan Lucy

Jimmy Eat World Through the Years

About this playlist

As one of the hallmark acts associated with mid-'00s emo-pop, Jimmy Eat World were in the enviable position of being hip enough for the mainstream crowd (see the mega-smashes "The Middle" and "Sweetness") yet still credible enough to not alienate their core audience. (Releasing an album as game-changing as Clarity will grant you enough equity to withstand any missteps you might make along the way -- not that Jimmy Eat World have made many of those.) Their new album, Damage, again finds the band toeing this line and perhaps doing it better than before, this time with lush tones and heartbreaking vignettes about love and loss. Take a tour through their exciting career with this mix of some of their best tracks.

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