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Artist Spotlight

Jars of Clay Through the Years

by Wendy Lee Nentwig

Jars of Clay Through the Years

About this playlist

Jars of Clay burst onto the scene in 1995, fresh from Illinois' Greenville College, and had a crossover hit with "Flood." It was the most success a Christian artist had seen since Amy Grant was in heavy rotation on VH1 crooning "Baby, Baby." Their hit debut brought new opportunities -- and the kind of scrutiny and pressure that can lead to breakups, drug binges and ulcers. Fortunately, Dan Haseltine, Charlie Lowell, Stephen Mason and Matt Odmark were able to sidestep all of that, and 18 years later they've managed to build a diverse discography that jumps from alt rock to gospel to folk pop, making stops at various other genres along the way. The "Jars guys," as they're often referred to, have grown up in recording studios and on stages in front of our very eyes. Retrace their steps with this career-spanning playlist.

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