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Artist Spotlight

Intocable Primer

by Rachel Devitt

Intocable Primer

About this playlist

They called themselves "untouchable," and 20 years into Intocable's reign over regional Mexican music, that name is sounding pretty spot-on. Pals Ricky Muñoz and René Martínez started the band in Zapata, Tex., back in the early '90s. Within a few years, they went from shilling their independently produced albums on the regional concert circuit to selling out arenas and winning Latin Grammys.

Part of the banda's appeal is its cross-border sound: Intocable are officially a Tejano band, Texas-bred and quite comfortable with the accordion-driven conjuntos popular north of the border. But they filter their Tejano through a Norteño sound and style (down to the cowboy hats). And then, they augment that mix with pop-friendly hooks, soulful vocals and a pan-country style that can sound downright Nashvillian. Whether you're a diehard fan or an Intocable newbie, you're going to want to hear how good that sounds on this playlist of their greatest hits and most beloved songs.

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