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Instrumental Hip-Hop 2013

by Mosi Reeves

Instrumental Hip-Hop 2013

About this playlist

This playlist samples from 2013's crop of instrumental hip-hop. With cheap technology and the Internet metastasizing every aspect of popular music, there are more producers issuing instrumental suites than ever, from relatively established names like DJ Exile and Oddisee, to newcomers like Harry Fraud (who's best known for his work with Action Bronson) and Illangelo (who worked on The Weeknd's Trilogy). There are also selections from RJD2's More Is Than Isn't, Samiyam's Wish You Were Here, Blue Sky Black Death's Glaciers and Oh No's [Disrupted Ads], all of which combine vocal songs with beat loops. And while D33J and Sons of the Morning -- the latter a supergroup consisting of Teebs and Prefuse 73 -- may not technically be hip-hop, the beat-oriented sound of their work deserves inclusion here.

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