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Artist Spotlight

In the Bedroom with R. Kelly

by Mosi Reeves

In the Bedroom with R. Kelly

About this playlist

If Robert Kelly is the king of modern R&B, then the conjugal bedroom is his royal court. Think that's an overwrought metaphor? Then you haven't dug deep enough into the catalog of the modern master of booty music. Sure, everyone knows "Bump n' Grind," but how about "Sex Planet," where he takes a trip to Uranus? Or "The Kitchen," with promises to do you "over by the stove/ Put you on the counter/ By the butter rolls." As for "The Zoo," well, you can imagine how that goes.

R. Kelly isn't afraid of self-parody. He embraces it. His new album, Black Panties, continues that tradition with songs like "Legs Shakin'" and "Genius" (as in, he's a sex genius). Much like Prince, he knows that love is both an act of serious, spiritual passion -- his classic "Your Body's Callin'" is testament to that -- and a source of hilariously comic raunchiness. So break out the "Sex Weed," and "Keep It on the Down Low," because nobody has to know. "It Seems Like You're Ready" to go "Half on a Baby."

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