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Artist Spotlight

Iggy Pop's Cameos and Duets

by Dan Weiss

Iggy Pop's Cameos and Duets

About this playlist

Never say that being a punk means being antisocial. Else you'd have to answer to Iggy Pop -- the king of the stooges as well as The Stooges -- who during the last 40 years has collaborated with everyone from Ke$ha ("Dirty Love") to Kate Pierson of The B-52's ("Candy," his biggest charting hit) to Sum 41 ("Little Know It All"). It's well known that Pop's made a side career of trading writing duties with Bowie, on records both celebrated ("What in the World") and notorious ("Tonight"), but how many people remember him on the Rugrats Movie soundtrack ("This World Is Something New to Me," which also has Beck, Laurie Anderson, Lisa Loeb, Jakob Dylan and Phife from A Tribe Called Quest) or, more recently, paying tribute to The Black Keys ("Lonely Boy" with Ginger Baker)? He's been tapped by Rob Zombie ("Black Sunshine"), ensnared Medeski, Martin and Wood ("I Felt the Luxury") himself, and he and Peaches have mutually exploited each other ("Kick It," "Rock Show"). Your move, Kevin Bacon.

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