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Single Phile

Single-Phile: Hot Fall Albums

by Napster

Single-Phile: Hot Fall Albums


Can you believe it's already fall? Seems like just yesterday we were dusting off the old mojito mint muddler, taking the itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini out of mothballs and talking about summer jams. (Though that could also be because the last edition of single-phile was literally about summer jams.) And now it's time to pack up the white pants, send the kiddies off to school and start getting primed for fall's big albums.

Luckily, we've got a slew of hot or, more appropriately, cool new singles to get us in the autumnal state of mind. If spring and early summer singles are all about the jam, about finding that one song with the season-long staying power to keep the road trips moving and the beach parties grooving, then the tracks of late summer and early fall are focused on introductions and new beginnings. Just about every big single that came out in the last few weeks has been designed to serve as a calling card for a big or up-and-coming artist's hotly anticipated new album. So in this edition of single-phile, we've rounded 'em up and broken 'em down for you, deciphering not only the single itself but what it's trying to tell us about the album to follow.