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Hot Summer Soul

by Mosi Reeves

Hot Summer Soul

About this playlist

This playlist is for those sticky-sweet weeks when the air hangs over you like damp clothes, and the heat wrings sweat out of your pores. You almost wish it were over but are afraid to think it out loud, for as never-ending as a season can be, it can end just as quickly. Maybe that's why summer soul tends to be both overheated and melancholy, trying to sustain a moment before it evaporates. It's Stevie Wonder watching his girl leave in "Summer Soft," War anxiously anticipating another "Summer" afternoon to cruise the boulevards with the windows rolled down, and The Stylistics pining for a return to "Country Living." Don't let the season pass you by: Enjoy the "Summer Breeze," go "Grazing in the Grass" and, if you're so lucky, indulge in a little "Summer Love." It'll be fall before you know it.

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