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Holiday Travel Survival Kit

by Rachel Devitt

Holiday Travel Survival Kit


About this playlist

The holidays mean many things to many people. Time with family. Beloved traditions. Gifts and parties and cookies. Magical, wonderful things -- and at least one horrible thing: Holiday travel. Whether you're whiling away the hours waiting for a delayed fight or road-tripping it over the (icy) rivers and through the (snowy, poorly lit) woods to the Middle of Nowhere Hometown USA, the journey is probably no Santa's magical sleigh-ride. And once you get there? It's family fights and last-minute shopping anxiety and fruitcake (oh, fruitcake). Don't start stressing yet! We've got the perfect survival kit to get you through whatever your wild ride to the holi-daze might be.

This playlist is divided into segments designed to suit your needs: eye of the tiger jams to get you moving and motivated; soothing, Zen-like tunes for when you need to compose yourself and just breathe; loud rock and hip-hop for drowning out that chatty passenger next to you; quiet lullabies for drifting off into Xanax/Ambien land; screamers for when it's not appropriate for you to do so yourself; songs of resiliency to keep you going; and, of course, survivor anthems. We're all in this together! We will survive! And we'll get to that magical holiday wonderland -- eventually.

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