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Comedian/actor John Hodgman (aka the PC to Justin Long's Mac) made an interesting observation when he said, "Hipsters are jocks who believe they are nerds." I guess there could be some truth to that, but I went ahead and took the first part of that quote quite literally, as I thought a sloppy pseudo-intellectual in skinny jeans playing football was a fantastic image. And thus came the making of Hipster Jock Jams, a mix I've tested and approved during a few of my own workouts.

See, I'm a bit of a gym rat, and one who prefers constant sonic motivation. There are even some studies out there linking music-listening while exercising to increased heart rate and improved performance -- if for no other reason than because a good beat or melody can be an excellent distraction from the burn of muscles in motion. And if you're as sick as I am of hearing "Gangnam Style" or Rihanna at any sort of step, spin or sculpt class, I've offered up an alternative to the overplayed Top 40 serotonin-boosting mix. It includes thumping requisites like Daft Punk's live mix of "Around the World / Harder Better Faster Stronger" and Hot Chip's "Over and Over" ("the joy of repetition really is in you"), plus booty-shakers by LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Passion Pit, and lots more fun and intensity in between. It runs about two hours and simmers down in the last half-hour to a slightly gentler cool-down pace. So, what are you sitting here for? Press play and get moving!

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