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Hip to Be Square

by Dan Weiss

Hip to Be Square

About this playlist

Definitive proof that it's hip to be square arrived in the form of Paramore's "Crushcrushcrush" a few years ago. If Hayley Williams says "nothing compares to a quiet evening alone," you best believe you don't have to be a hard partier to be cool. This is compounded by Superchunk turning one of their most brutal punk tantrums ever into an ode to "Staying Home," an enduring DEVO anthem that's "Through Being Cool" and Anthrax's "I Am the Law," a thrashing valentine to the comic book character Judge Dredd. This is a playlist of rock stars as hobbyists, from Rivers Cuomo proudly showing off his X-Men and KISS collections on "In the Garage" to Serengeti's Kenny Dennis alter ego listing his favorite Brian Dennehy espionage flicks in "Dennehy." Then there's Brad Paisley choosing fishing over the girl in "I'm Gonna Miss Her" and, most hilariously, punk-poppers Flashlight Brown finding the perfect Dungeons and Dragons paean in "Ready to Roll."

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