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Hell Hath Mo' Fury: A Christian Halloween

by Wendy Lee Nentwig

Hell Hath Mo' Fury: A Christian Halloween

About this playlist

At first glance, Halloween and Christianity may not seem a likely pairing. In fact, many churches go out of their way to ignore the holiday altogether or redirect the focus with "fall fests" and "trunk or treat" events populated by parishioners in biblical costumes. But if you think about it, who knows more about demons, devils and damnation than devout Christians?

Some Christian artists take advantage of this knowledge of the supernatural and work it into their music. Italian showman Carman has always been one of the most eager to tackle devilish topics, releasing tracks like ["This Blood"] and ["A Witch's Invitation."] He goes even further in his live performances, putting on shows where he plays characters, including Satan himself. Then there's a group like The Louvin Brothers, whose song "Satan Is Real" is so overt that it's almost hard to take it seriously.

Christian metal is also known for delving into the darkness. Stryper's "To Hell With the Devil," Tourniquet's "Antiseptic Bloodbath" and Disciple's "R.I.P." all loudly celebrate the triumph over Hell. Others take a (thankfully!) less obvious approach, like Julie Miller, Sufjan Stevens and the late Keith Green.

There's nothing like a deeply held conviction to add some import to a song, and sometimes artists are so serious, their tunes are downright scary. So this Halloween if you want to hear something that will really send shivers down your spine, don't look to Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden. Instead, tune into our Haunting Christian Mix.

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