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Heavy Metal Workout Mix

by Chuck Eddy

Heavy Metal Workout Mix

About this playlist

First, let's be clear: Not all metal fans exercise (more should, no doubt!), and the ones who do, don't necessarily listen to metal while they're at it. Take yours truly as an example: When I go for a bike ride, I don't listen to any music because I'd probably crash into something, and when I do the dozen exercises in "the scientific 7-minute workout" (which usually takes me at least a half-hour, since I enjoy science so much), I generally just listen to, um, whatever's on. That said, as it happens, my wife does exercise (run, mostly) to metal. So most of the 20 selections in this carefully curated Heavy Metal Workout Mix come from her recommendations, tried and tested from genuine repeated use. A couple others came from my famously buff Napster cohorts. So if you don't wind up fit as a fiddle with abs of steel and thinner thighs in 30 days, don't blame me!

Still, you've got nothing to lose but cellulite, right? Týr and Mustasch tracks early in the program start out relatively downtempo, so you can stretch those muscles, ligaments and tendons to get pumped up or pump iron or whatever it takes. But before long, more furious metallics from Sepultura, the Melvins, Kittie, Shadows Fall, Lamb of God and the like should get your cardiovascular system thrashing -- not to mention Judas Priest's "Hot Rockin'," coincidentally famous for its video that takes place in a weight room where for some reason nobody is wearing a shirt on their sweat-soaked torsos. There's even a pulsing Liturgy number in there, to assist in trendy power yoga contortions perhaps. Eventually such doom-mongers as Katatonia and Madder Mortem help you cool back down. So what are you waiting for? Let's get physical!

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