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Happy Mother's Day!

by Linda Ryan

Happy Mother's Day!

About this playlist

Your relationship with your mother is complicated. She is your best friend and your worst enemy, your biggest fan and your most vocal critic. She pretty much is responsible for all your bossy tendencies -- there's a reason expressions such as "Like mother, like daughter" or "Mama's boy" come to be. We get it.

But when it comes down to it, Mom is a pretty neat person. Mom took you to the doctor when you got sick -- and then made chicken soup when you came home. And who was there when you broke your arm? Who cheered loudest at your first, fumbling attempts at sports? Who was the soccer mom to outshine all the other soccer moms? Who bought you that appalling prom getup because you'd just die if you didn't have it? That's right. Mom!

Or maybe your mom has a less traditional role in your family. Over the past few decades, family dynamics have changed, starting with Mom's role. More frequently, Mom has gone from homemaker to breadwinner, and some dads choose to stay at home, creating a new standard for the "traditional" family.

Whatever Mom adds to your family dynamic, salute her this Mother's Day with a few of our favorite songs, because celebrating moms of all kinds is what this day is all about.