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Global Cratedigger Classics

by Rachel Devitt

Global Cratedigger Classics

About this playlist

We know it sounds crazy, but once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, we did not have this thing called the internets. So if you wanted to go hear new music from disparate parts of the globe, the best way to do it was to go there and learn about it. And since not everyone in the world was able to do that, there were whole, thriving, exhilarating scenes, eras, artists and sounds that most of us just didn't have the chance to learn about in places like Nigeria and Cambodia, Addis Ababa and Panama City.

Enter the cratedigger, those, if not physically intrepid then mentally so, music connoisseurs who have spent years scouring the globe for those very sounds we missed. Sometimes the acquisition process involves actually travelling to those disparate locales, trolling markets and record stores and maybe even meeting musicians and label reps. Sometimes it involves using that shiny new internet to track down other collectors and distributors. And sometimes it involves just being so good at it that you turn your efforts into a whole record label dedicated to sharing your treasures, like the founders of nugget-treasuries like Soundway Records and VampiSoul have done.

However you arrive at the pile of riches, it makes for one hell of a playlist. We focused this collection of choice cuts and rare grooves primarily on 1960s-'70s acid rock, psych jazz and funk sounds from around the globe, an incredibly prolific era of recording that has long attracted cratediggers. Start exploring!

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