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Get Up With: Matana Roberts' Saxophone

by Seth Colter Walls

Get Up With: Matana Roberts' Saxophone

About this playlist

In recent years, the saxophonist-composer Matana Roberts has received glowing notices for her conceptual Coin Coin project, in which characters from her family line are investigated through oral history, group singing and a variety of musical moods that range from gospel to swing, and free jazz to post-rock.

And while the two chapters of the Coin Coin series released so far are definitely worth checking out, that's hardly all that's worth exploring in Roberts' growing catalog. Two other sessions -- The Chicago Project and Live in London -- give a sense of Roberts in less conceptual (though still fiercely smart) environments. Click on the attached playlist to hear excerpts from these albums, plus both issued chapters in the Coin Coin series. Enjoy!

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