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The history of twerking is not linear. There is no single origin point, single tipping point or single path that brought the move to the teddy bear-covered stage of this year's VMAs. But if you follow the music, a story begins to reveal itself. For instance: While Diplo -- who promoted something called a "twerk wall" at Labor Day weekend's Electric Zoo -- draws from the bounce music of New Orleans (and has the Nicky da B collab to prove it), Miley -- who has been collaborating with Future and Juicy J producer Mike Will Made It -- is attempting a sound that has its roots in the strip clubs of Atlanta. Still, these two artists, while the center of recent conversation, aren't the story's culmination: NoLa, Atlanta, Miami and Brooklyn are going to keep twerking long after the current wave of excitement crashes down. This playlist celebrates the long, sweaty trip twerking has taken.

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