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George Duke, RIP

by Seth Colter Walls

George Duke, RIP

About this playlist

Simply appearing on Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall," Shuggie Otis' "Sweet Thang," and several key experimental Frank Zappa records would be a pretty great career. But that's just the tip of the legacy left behind by genre-spanning, innovative keyboardist George Duke, who died this week at the age of 67.

He cut his teeth as a jazzer. But because Duke showed he could master pop textures ranging from hard rock (see "Rokkinrowl I Don't Know") to disco pop ("Shine On") and on to harder-edged funk, he was the keyboardist of choice for jazz artists looking to move into fusion, like Sonny Rollins and Cannonball Adderley. And Duke and bassist Stanley Clarke formed a duo that notched its own pop successes in the '80s ("Sweet Baby"). All told, Duke's work inspired legions of dance and R&B artists. (Daft Punk even sampled "I Love You More" on the track "Digital Love.")

Duke was still crossing boundaries in 2013: His final studio album, DreamWeaver, features both admirable R&B productions ("Trippin'") and venturesome jam sessions ("Burnt Sausage Jam"). No compilation on the market takes in the full diversity of Duke's many talents -- he appeared on way too many labels for that to be possible -- so listen to the appended playlist for a nearly two-hour shot of his brilliance.

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