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Genesis: The Peter Gabriel Years

by Mike McGuirk

Genesis: The Peter Gabriel Years

About this playlist

Peter Gabriel-era Genesis may be the very pinnacle of prog-rock nerdery, but that doesn't mean Tony Banks' 10,000 synthesizers don't sound totally awesome on "Back in N.Y.C." "Watcher of the Skies" is all over the place. The dawn-break climax six minutes into "Stagnation" is one of prog's finest moments. And Steve Hackett's guitars (especially 4:40 into "The Musical Box") consistently transcend Gabriel's vocal acting, which is usually even dorkier than the stuff he pulled on "Shock the Monkey." Don't get me wrong: I, personally, love Genesis-era Gabriel. But the dude sings about Old King Cole, for crying out loud.

Still, these songs are great. For one thing, there is simply nothing in the annals of rock music like the experience of listening to "Supper's Ready" all the way through: It's a 23-minute interpretation of The Book of Revelation. Unabashed, awesome nerdiness. Though you might want headphones if you ever plan to go on another date.

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