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From The Depths

From the Depths: Wolf Eyes Rules

From the Depths: Wolf Eyes Rules


Welcome to From the Depths, a recurring feature that spotlights deep underground sounds lurking within the Napster catalog.

It's only fitting that the debut installment of From the Depths spotlights Wolf Eyes and their extended family of side projects (Moon Pool & Dead Band, Demons), past members (Aaron Dilloway, Mike Connelly -- aka Failing Lights) and related sonic weirdos (Andrew W.K., Nautical Almanac, Hair Police). It can be argued that over the last decade said family has been the American underground's most vital source for harsh-your-mellow power drones, vaporous noise-bile, murky electro-rock and other freeform antics far too "out" for pithy taxonomy.

Boasting something of a fluid lineup, Wolf Eyes themselves currently consist of original founder Nate Young, along with John "Spykes" Olson (pumping fists and blowing horns since 2000) and new-dude guitarist James Baljo (the group's first proper beard, I believe). The configuration's debut release (which features limited input from Dilloway and Connelly) is the decidedly measured No Answer--Lower Floors, unleashed on the always excellent De Stijl label in April 2013. The album represents a new chapter in the Michigan outfit's labyrinthine metamorphosis; that said, its lurching, mangled beats and painkiller-medicated murmurings do look back to formative efforts such as Slicer and the landmark Dread.

For all you sound explorers up for the journey, my Wolf Eyes Rules playlist will fully immerse your ears in the band's strange, dark world.

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