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From Creedence to Fogerty

From Creedence to Fogerty


It's something that simply cannot be denied: John Fogerty -- one of our country's most beloved rockers -- is pure America. And as if to prove such a maxim, the legend's latest release, Wrote a Song for Everyone, finds him revisiting some of his most cherished tunes with help from a truly diverse cast of high-profile rockers, country stars, soul artists and indie dudes. From Foo Fighters to Jennifer Hudson, My Morning Jacket to Miranda Lambert, Kid Rock to Keith Urban, they've all come together to proudly proclaim that Fogerty is the man!

Of course, his greatest fame came with the mighty Creedence Clearwater Revival, who between the years 1968 and '72 launched one brilliant tune after another into the Top 40, including "Proud Mary," "Bad Moon Rising," "Down on the Corner" and the fiery populist throw-down "Fortunate Son." But what's impressive is just how consistently excellent his artistry has remained in the subsequent years. As a solo artist, he's even racked up several more classic hits, like "Centerfield," "Rock and Roll Girls" and "Almost Saturday Night," one of the more stupendous "here comes the weekend" anthems ever committed to wax.

Help us here at Napster celebrate an American icon and crank our From Creedence to Fogerty playlist right now!

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