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From Boy Band to King

by Rachel Devitt

From Boy Band to King

About this playlist

A boy band can be many things: An exhilarating brush with breathless, screaming stardom. A bonding experience (or not) with a bunch of cool guys who also know how to sing, dance and rock a statement hairdo. A way to meet girls -- millions of 'em, all screaming your name. The stuff of dreams -- both for the boy bander and his besotted fans. And yes, sometimes, it can be the subject of a lot of jokes about said screaming fans and statement hairdos. But it can also be a very serious launching pad for the one or sometimes two lucky "boys" who break out and go solo. This playlist is full of cross-genre case studies, from Justin Timberlake (who, you may recall, hails from a little band called 'NSYNC) to Ricky Martin (formerly of Menudo), from Romeo Santos (who got his start in bachata boy band Aventura) to the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson (Jackson 5, anyone?). Listen in to hear boy band princes become king.

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