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Friday Mixtape

Friday Mixtape: My Clutter, Your Future

by Chuck Eddy

Friday Mixtape: My Clutter, Your Future

About this playlist

When you've written about music for as many decades as I have, and you're as addicted as I am to constantly hearing more of it, let's just say that things pile up: all formats, from all manner of dollar bins and thrift stores and garage sales, along with whatever comes in the mail. But that's my problem; as a Napster subscriber, you don't even need to dig through crates, because I've already done it for you! Hence, this all-encompassing playlist of stuff I've been listening to in all physical and digital walks of life lately, its title inspired by the Fall's 2010 album Your Future, Our Clutter, whose leadoff (and sort-of title) cut is included, along with four '80s R&B songs at the beginning, four '70s hard rock songs at the end, and 32 other selections of multifarious genres and vintages in between (a veritable top 40!), including a scattered handful from 2011, early Huey Lewis and Ice-T cuts that sound more like Thin Lizzy and Run-D.M.C., and two funky numbers about wearing wigs on the dance floor. Enjoy it, employ it, shake it but don't break it.