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Friday Mixtape

Friday Mixtape: Horn Jamz

by Garrett Kamps

Friday Mixtape: Horn Jamz

About this playlist

Devoted readers of The Mix (hi, mom!) might remember that my last Friday Mixtape was called Piano Jamz, and consisted of jams featuring pianos. That playlist was kind of a happy accident: by simply culling together a bunch of songs I dug that featured one or more of those 88 keys, I managed to crisscross a whole slew of genres, eras, sounds, etc. It was a neat exercise, and so I've tried again, this time with horns. The brass in these jams is all over the place -- it's featured front and center, during solos, and is occasionally so cleverly deployed you won't even recognize it as brass at all (dig experimental saxophonist Colin Stetson's mind-bending "Judges," which is one guy, one horn, and no effects or loops (seriously)). Stylistically, we range from classic brawny rock to excitable indie rock to orchestral trip-hop to hip-hop to, of course, jazz. No Horn Jamz playlist would be complete without Gerry Raferty and Chuck Mangione, and for those who didn't know Biggie sampled it, be sure to check out Herb Alpert's "Rise." Finally, having come of age in the '90s Orange County ska revival scene, I had to throw in some No Doubt and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Here's to stuff that blows.

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